25+ Raffle Ideas For Family Reunion

25+ Raffle Ideas For Family Reunion

Raffles are a fantastic way to add an element of excitement and anticipation to your family reunion. Not only do they provide an opportunity for family members to win something special, but they also contribute to the overall festive atmosphere. 

From traditional to unique, we’ve compiled a list of 27 raffle ideas for a family reunion that will have everyone eagerly clutching their tickets.

1. Memory Lane Quilt

Create a beautiful quilt with fabric swatches from past reunions, special clothing pieces, old family photos, and embroidered messages. You can get a quilt set to make the process simpler and patchwork fabric pieces if you need extra fabric to fill it out. This sentimental prize will evoke past memories and treasured moments. 

2. Culinary Adventure Basket

Culinary enthusiasts will be aiming for this prize for sure. Put together a basket filled with exotic spices, cooking utensils, and family recipes. Throw all of it in a nice basket, and you’re all set!

3. Outdoor Movie Night Package

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This is a prize that offers a memorable experience. Organize an outdoor movie night set complete with a projector, popcorn, and cozy blankets for the winner. Other family members can be invited too!

4. Local Artisan Crafts

Here’s a way to support both community talents and family. Purchase creations from local artisans and crafters and include them as raffle prizes. The variety will ensure that there’s something for everyone. 

5. Genealogy DNA Kit

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This prize perfectly aligns with the family theme. A genealogy DNA kit is both a fun and insightful gift that will help a family member look into their ancestral roots and uncover their heritage.

6. Ultimate Game Night Bundle

If you’re organizing a raffle for your family reunion, you’re probably the type of family who loves games. Bundle together a variety of board games (like the classic Connect 4 or Guess Who), card games, and snacks for a family-friendly game night. This can also be a great motivator to get together again soon and put these games to use.

7. Wellness Retreat Voucher

Get a voucher for a wellness retreat or spa day, and the winner will indulge in relaxation. Be prepared that this prize will probably be among the most favored ones. 

8. Homemade Dessert of the Month Club

If you love baking, this is an inexpensive prize that the winner will love. Pledge to deliver a homemade dessert each month for half a year. You’ll get to showcase your culinary skills and the winner gets to enjoy your delicious treats.

9. Local Adventure Pass

This one is for the adventurers in the family, and it will also inspire some additional family time. Make a package of passes to local attractions, parks, and museums. Throw in the brochures as well, so whoever wins can learn more about the sights.

10. Personalized Family Cookbook

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Ask your family members about all your favorite family recipes and compile them into a personalized cookbook. For a sentimental touch, you can add photos of the times when the family gathered around that meal. If you want to go all out, you can get a personalized recipe notebook to match the theme.

11. Backyard BBQ Kit

Barbeques are kind of a trademark of family reunions, so a BBQ kit is an appropriate raffle gift for this occasion. Provide all the essentials for a memorable backyard barbecue, including utensils and tasty marinades. You can buy a grill tool set and add some of your favorite flavorings. In case you have a family recipe for a unique marinade, make sure to include that as well.

12. Customized Family Portrait Session

Photographs are one of the best ways of preserving cherished memories, so you can gift a family portrait session as a prize. Arrange for a professional photographer to capture family portraits—a gift that will stand the test of time and stay with generations to come. 

13. Weekend Getaway Package

Here’s a prize inspired by travel raffle prizes. Put together a weekend getaway package for the winner. You can include everything you think they’ll need for a relaxing weekend, like dining vouchers, brochures of local attractions, sleeping masks, a travel kit of toiletries, and if you want to splurge, accommodation. 

14. Technology Upgrade Bundle

If you want to impress tech-savvy family members, be sure to include this raffle prize. Bundle together useful gadgets and tech accessories, such as a phone stand, a tech accessories pouch bag, a headphones hook holder, a USB charging station, and so on. You can also include these as individual prizes.

15. Homestead Hobby Kit

Encourage family members to explore new hobbies with a kit of different supplies and tools. These could be gardening supplies, an art kit, or DIY project tools.

16. Fitness Challenge Package

Inspire healthy living with a fitness challenge package. You can go as big or as small with it as you wish. From gym membership and workout gear to shaker bottles and healthy foods like fruits and veggies, include whatever you find fitting for your family.

17. Outdoor Adventure Gear

Equip the winner for an outdoor expedition to encourage them to spend time in nature. Some options are camping equipment, a map of local trails, a camping hammock, marshmallow roasting sticks, a coffee thermos, and more.

18. Monthly Book Club Subscription

Even those who aren’t bookworms can find themselves enjoying this prize. Gift a year-long subscription to a book club. This will give them a chance to dedicate more time to reading and meeting new people—plus they can share their book recommendations at the next family reunion.

19. Craft and DIY Kit

Gather craft supplies and DIY project materials and the winner will be able to spend hours on hands-on fun. You can choose and put together the kits on your own, or you can buy ready-made craft kits, like this DIY clock-making kit or a make-your-own water globe kit

20. Local Foodie Tour

Step into the shoes of a tour guide and offer your service to take the winner on a tour of local eateries. Even if you live in the same town, you can take them to your favorite places and share with them your favorite treats and drinks.

21. Online Learning Membership

Encouraging learning is a noble effort, so why not include a subscription to an online learning platform as a prize? Another option is to gift them a course of their choice. The winner will be able to explore new skills and interests thanks to this prize.

22. Family Reunion Photo Album

Raffle off a photo album capturing moments from all your past reunions. In this way, you’ll get to preserve the memories for years to come.

23. Movie Tickets

Pretty much everyone likes going to the movies, so tickets for the next big blockbuster movie can be a pretty cool prize. You could even aim for opening night or advance screening tickets so that the winner can be among the first to catch the next movie sensation.

24. Music Lover’s Delight

This prize is for passionate music lovers. Offer concert tickets of their choice or 3-6 months’ worth of music lessons to the winner of the raffle. If there are aspiring musicians in the family, they’ll be thrilled.

25. Local Charity Donation

Give a donation to a local charity in the winner’s name as a prize. This will promote community involvement and giving back and remind everyone how lucky you are to have each other as support.

26. Snack Fest

Whether you’re watching the game, spending time with friends, or enjoying a movie, salty treats are much needed. That’s why one of the prizes can be a snack basket. There are various variety packs you can choose from, so you can be sure that everyone’s preference will be catered to.

27. Chocolate Basket 

We can’t overlook the chocolate enthusiasts, so the last idea on the list is a chocolate basket. Even though you can purchase gift baskets of chocolate, it will be more special (and more inexpensive) if you buy the favorite sweets in your family and arrange them in a box or a basket.


Raffles can bring so much fun and anticipation to family reunions. With these creative ideas, you can be certain that your family members will end up with unforgettable experiences, delicious treats, and events to look forward to.If you’d like to diversify your family reunion games, our comprehensive list of Amazing Race and Minute to Win It challenges can bring some more excitement. You can also check out prize ideas for the winners of the games.






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