Family with kid holding trophy - Family Reunion Trophies—Ideas, Tips, and DIY Trophies

Family Reunion Trophies—Ideas, Tips, and DIY Trophies

If you’re looking for a unique way to add an extra spark of joy and entertainment to your family reunion, why not give out trophies to celebrate each other? Trophies can add a sense of camaraderie, competition, and fun to your family reunion. 

You can give out trophies for a wide array of categories, so let’s break down some ideas on how you can incorporate trophies into your reunion, where you can find ready-made trophies, and how to DIY your family reunion trophies. 

How to Include Trophies into Your Family Reunion

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to incorporate trophies into your family reunion. 

  • Select Trophy Categories – Brainstorm a list of trophy categories that resonate with your family’s unique dynamics and interests. If you’re organizing family games, you can give out trophies to the winning team. To make sure that no one is left out, you can incorporate trophies for various categories. This could range from athletic achievements to the joker of the family—the possibilities are endless!
  • DIY vs Store-Bought Personalized Trophies – You can buy trophies that you can customize on Amazon, so if you’re looking for the simplest solution, just pick out the one you like, and click on the order button. Another possibility is to get artsy and make your own trophies. 
  • Let the Trophies Reflect Your Uniqueness – Get creative with crafting or purchasing trophies that reflect the essence of each category. Personalized touches like family names or inside jokes can make the trophies even more special.
  • Plan Presentation Moments – Designate a specific time for the trophy presentation ceremony. This could be after a day of games or during a designated awards banquet. Don’t forget to assign a trophy presenter.
  • Capture the Moments – To make lasting memories of the ceremony, have someone capture the trophy presentation moments on camera. You can even use the photos to create a scrapbook for the reunions.

Personalized Store-Bought Family Reunion Trophies

If you don’t have the time or artistic ambition to make the trophies yourself, you can find lots of different trophies that can be personalized on Amazon. Let’s explore some options.

  • Trophy Cups – You can go with a classic trophy cup with these 5-inch plastic gold trophies. They come in a pack of 12 and are super affordable. Since there is no customization option, you can get labels and personalize them yourself. 

5-inch Plastic Gold Trophies

6-inch Gold Statue Awards

  • Star Trophy – We love these star-shaped trophies as they combine simplicity and uniqueness. If you want compact trophies, these are only 4.5 inches tall, which is perfect. This is a bulk packaging of 12 trophies.
  • Number 1 Trophy – For the family game winners, you can go with this 8-inch 1st-place trophy. Either give out each family member in the winning team or assign one individual who will keep the winning trophy. 

1st-place Trophy

  • Engraved Trophy – This 5-inch trophy comes with free engraving. It is a simplistic gold cup trophy and you can order 2-3 lines of engraving without a character limit. 

DIY Family Reunion Trophies

If you want to craft the trophies, here are some fun ideas for various categories:

Golden Spoon Chef Trophy

Materials Needed:

Begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying the wooden spoon. Head outdoors or into a well-ventilated area to spray paint the spoon with the gold spray paint. Allow it to dry completely. Cut out a ribbon or twine and attach it to the end of the spoon, creating a loop for hanging. Craft a cardstock tag shaped like a chef’s hat or a pot, and write the title “Golden Spoon Chef” on it Attach the tag to the ribbon/twine loop using glue. Customize the tag further by adding the recipient’s name or a fun message. Voilà! Your Golden Spoon Chef Trophy is ready to be awarded to the culinary maestro of your family reunion.

MVP Trophy

Materials Needed:

Get a sports ball for the chosen sport, and then paint the wooden trophy column or base in a complementing color. Once both parts are dry, glue the sports ball to the top of the trophy base. Cut out a star shape from cardstock paper and write “MVP” on it. Glue the star onto the ball. For an extra touch, add the recipient’s name or a year on the base. The DIY MVP Trophy is ready to honor the Most Valuable Player of your family reunion games.

Storytelling Wizard Trophy

Materials Needed:

  • Old book or book cover
  • Craft foam or cardboard
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue
  • Marker or pen

If you have a family member who’s known for spinning captivating tales, this trophy is the perfect fit. First, you’ll need to paint the craft foam or cardboard in a gold shade using acrylic paint. This will serve as the base of the trophy. Cut out a star shape from the painted foam or cardboard. Then, paint the spine of the old book with the same gold acrylic paint to give it a magical touch. Attach the star shape to the top of the old book to create the trophy topper. Use a marker or pen to write “Storytelling Wizard” on the book cover, and it’s all set!

Family Puzzle Piece

Materials Needed:

This Family Puzzle Piece Trophy symbolizes the importance of each member in completing the family picture. It can be suitable for all categories. Now, to make this trophy, paint the wooden puzzle piece with acrylic paints, incorporating colors that represent your family. Once completely dry, apply a clear sealer spray to protect the paint and add a subtle shine. Then, just write the names of the recipients and what are they rewarded for. 

Family Reunion Trophies Ideas

If you need ideas about what kind of talents and personalities you can award with a trophy, here are some suggestions that can inspire you.

  • The “All-Around MVP” Trophy–This award celebrates the family member who truly does it all—from grilling burgers to leading in the sack race. It’s a nod to versatility and is sure to inspire friendly competition.
  • The “Best Chef” Trophy–Reward the culinary genius in your clan. Honor their skills with a trophy that reflects their ability to turn simple ingredients into tasty delights.
  • The “Golden Jokester” Trophy—Commemorate the family member who has the best sense of humor and is always keeping the spirits high during your gatherings.
  • The “Athletic Dynamo” Trophy—If there’s a budding sports star in your midst, recognize their dedication and sportsmanship with a trophy that showcases their love for physical activities.
Adult handing kid trophy
  • The “Master Storyteller” Trophy—Every family has a natural-born storyteller. This trophy celebrates the art of sharing tales that captivate everyone.
  • The “Dance Floor Champion” Trophy— If dancing is an unavoidable part of your family reunion, why not crown the best dancer with a trophy?
  • The “Crafting Maestro” Trophy—For reunions when you engage in crafts and DIY projects, you can give this trophy to the family member with a knack for creating beautiful creations and helping others out with theirs as well.
  • The “Problem-Solving Prodigy” Trophy—Acknowledge the family member who’s a quick thinker and can come up with the best solutions to any challenge.
  • The “Fashionista Icon” Trophy—Here’s one for the family member who sets trends with their impeccable fashion sense.


Family reunion trophies aren’t just mere awards. Each one can be telling a story of talent, heart, and connection you share. They are tokens of appreciation for the unique individuals that make up your family.

Handpick categories that capture the talents and interests within your family. Whether you opt for the simplicity of store-bought trophies or engage in DIY crafting, the choice is yours to make these trophies as unique as the recipients themselves. Do you need ideas on how to set up a memorable reunion? Then, be sure to check out this post. We also have a compilation of Amazing Race-inspired games and Minute to Win It challenges for spending quality time together. For game prizes, check out these various family reunion prize ideas.






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