Family Reunion Themes

Although a family reunion does not need a theme to it, it can help a lot when it comes to actually to planning the events, activities, food and invitations for the event. In addition, a good themed reunion will help to break the ice, especially for those family members who have not met before or who do not know each other really well. Below are just a few family reunion themes that you may want to consider for your next family event.

1. Birthday Party – The great thing about this type of theme is that the event can be held just about anywhere. You do not actually have to restrict yourself to using your own home or a hotel, why not head for the beach or park instead. Moreover, finding the right kind of invitation to send out makes the whole task a lot easier to do. As for the food, why not go for something a little traditional like ice cream and jelly along with the obligatory birthday cake.

As for activities why not go for those that you would normally see at a child’s birthday party and if you can organize a clown or magician to attend. Another important thing you could do if the party is to celebrate a certain family member’s birthday then do a “This Is Your Life” spot.

2. Family History – This is best held at a location where a member of the family lives or in an area where your ancestors once lived. If you need to then organize the reunion at a hotel close to where the family now lives or lived. As for the food, it is best to go for the kinds of things that your ancestors would have eaten so if for example if your family are originally from Scotland go for Haggis.

Also, as a special activity during the reunion create a wall chart that everyone will be able to look at and see how he or she are related to one and other. Plus this is a great way of getting everyone involved because if you leave a marker out then where there are blanks other family members can then fill these in for you.

What is important that when you choose the theme for your reunion it should be the type that everyone who is invited is going to be willing to get involved with. So make sure that you spend time discussing with other family members what they think and what ideas they may have. Also why not send out an email to all those who have been invited asking them for some suggestions as well.

Remember when it comes to choosing the right family reunion themes it should be the one that most people will enjoy participating in. So another way of ensuring that you have chosen the right theme is by getting those invited to vote on the one that they like the best. Then inform the rest of what the majority have voted for and base your reunion around this particular theme.






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