Family members giving souvenirs - 45+ Family Reunion Gift Ideas - Favors, Souvenirs, & Keepsakes

45+ Family Reunion Gift Ideas – Favors, Souvenirs, & Keepsakes

Gathering for a family reunion is a heartwarming tradition. What can make these special moments even more unforgettable is giving each family member a gift that will remind them of the reunion long after it’s over.

Since coming up with unique family reunion souvenirs is no easy task, we’ve compiled a list of over 45 creative family reunion souvenirs, ranging from favors to gifts and keepsakes to inspire you. 

Family Reunion Gift Ideas

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, simple gifts and gift bags are a great way to make your guests feel appreciated. If you’re not sure what items to put in family reunion gift bags or what type of gifts would your family cherish, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Engraved Family Tree Plaque

This symbolic gift is bound to bring tears to your family’s eyes. Craft a wooden plaque etched with your family tree that will bring out the feeling of togetherness and unity. If you’re not crafty, ask around for who could make you this in your local area, browse Etsy, or join forces with a creative family member.

2. Inspirational Quote Prints

Inspire your family by framing motivational quotes that show your family’s values. Personalize the gift by carefully choosing a quote that resonates with each individual.

3. Family Puzzle

Blank Sublimation Puzzle Set

Transform a memorable family photo into a puzzle. The best one to use would be the one where you’re all together (perhaps from the last family reunion). You can even order personalized photo puzzles on Amazon.

4. Monogrammed Robes

Oversized Unisex Terry Cotton Monogram Robes

Now here’s something for families who love luxury. Gift your family members with personalized monogrammed robes. Whenever they put them on, they’ll be reminded of the family.

5. Beach Towels

Keep it simple with a beach towel gift that’s ideal for creating beachside memories. For a personalized touch, embroider the family name on the towels. 

6. Camping Gear

Do you love camping? Equip your adventure enthusiasts with camping gear. It can be something simple like a foldable reusable tote bag, food jar, or a thermos coffee mug

7. Outdoor Movie Projector

AuKing Full HD Home Theater Video Projector

Step up the game for movie nights with an outdoor projector as a family reunion gift. This one is on the more expensive side, but if you don’t mind splurging, the family will love it for sure.  

8. Personalized Aprons

Personalized Aprons

Inspire some culinary bonding with personalized aprons for family cooking sessions. If you’re cooking together or playing cooking games during your family gatherings, the aprons will be more than useful. 

9. Mini Zen Garden

Mini Zen Garden Kit

Here’s an unusual inexpensive gift that promotes relaxation. A mini zen garden can be a great reminder for your family members to stop and be mindful. 

10. Chips and Water Bottle Label

If your family loves salty treats, you can get customized labels and put them on your favorite brand of chips and water bottles. Throw these two in a gift bag, and your family reunion gift is ready!

Family Reunion Favors

Favors are like hugs in tangible form. Let your family members take home a piece of the reunion with them. Here’s a collection of favors that will warm their hearts.

11. Handmade Candle Holders

If you don’t mind some DIY projects, make candle holders. You can craft candle holders out of rope, spoons, concrete, or pretty much anything you have in your home. Find useful ideas in this list of DIY candle holders.

12. DIY Coaster Set

Unfinished Wood Coasters

Create a coaster by drawing your family crest, adding family photos on them, or writing down funny quotes. Plain wooden craft coasters can be a good starting point and then you can let your creativity take over.

13. Homemade Scented Sachets

Cotton Drawstring Bag

Infuse nostalgia in your family members’ homes by creating scented sachets. Use family-favorite scents, like cinnamon, lavender, spices, or anything that will remind them of the family and the reunion. You can buy the bags or make them on your own. 

14. Homemade Bath Bombs

Here’s another crafty favor. Making bath bombs at home is quite simple, so even if you don’t have experience with it, you can find a bunch of easy DIY instructions online.

15. Hand-Decorated Mini Frames

Picture Frame Set

Buy plain photo frames and decorate them to align with the theme of your reunion. You can make this a recurring gift so the family can collect themed frames as lasting memories of each reunion. 

16. Backpacks with Initials

Do you prefer useful gifts? You can gift your family backpacks with their initials or family name imprinted on them. To step up the gift-giving game, fill the backpacks with some candy or other memorabilia. 

17. Family-Themed Buttons

Create buttons adorned with family photos or quotes. This is a lovely wearable badge of family union.

18. Cute Mini Planters

Gift your family with mini planters such as succulents. As they nurture the plant, they’ll be reminded of nurturing family connections. 

19. Personalized Tea Towels

The Cotton & Canvas Co. Personalized Single Monogram

Bring some warmth to your family’s kitchens. Give them unique personalized tea towels with family quotes or a monogram of your family name.

20. Hand-Painted Mugs

Premium Sublimation Coffee Mugs Set

Here’s another DIY favor. Get plain white mugs and paint them with family motifs. You can personalize each mug for different family members or go with a one-for-all design.

21. Customized Phone Stands

Phone and Tablet Stand

Would your family appreciate a handy gadget? Then you can get a simple phone stand and customize it with pictures or decorations inspired by your family. 

Family Reunion Souvenirs

Souvenirs are like time capsules which makes them perfect for a parting gift after another memorable reunion. Here are some souvenir ideas. 

22. Personalized Keychains

Share personalized keychains bearing family members’ names. This practical memento will be a daily reminder of the family’s love and support.

23. Hand Fans

If your reunions take place during summer, this favor will be both memorabilia and a lifesaver during hot summer days. Family reunion-inspired hand fans can be created on your own, or you can buy editable templates on Etsy.

24. Tote Bags

Personalized Initial Canvas Tote Bag

Equip your family for their shopping sprees with tote bags. Of course, make it unique and family-inspired with your family’s initials or even a photo. Amazon has a lot of options when it comes to cheap tote bags that you can personalize. 

25. Family Button Pins

36 Pack Make Your Own Blank Button Pins for DIY Crafts

Button pins are a handy souvenir as your family members can wear them on their backpacks or clothes as a memory of the reunion. This is also a hassle-free type of souvenir as all you need to do is order customizable button pins online and add a photo of your choice. 

26. Hand-Painted Pebble Souvenirs

Here’s a souvenir that you can craft for free. Collect pebbles on the beach or in your backyard and paint them with family symbols.

27. Themed Magnets

Make sure that every trip to the fridge reminds your family of the love you share. Design themed magnets showcasing your family’s unique traits.

28. Personalized Luggage Tags

With personalized luggage tags, your family will have you in their thoughts whenever they travel. Etsy is a great place for hunting for customizable luggage tags. 

29. Hats

Custom Baseball Cap for Personalization

Dress up your family members in matching personalized hats. These simple gifts can also become a “uniform” for future gatherings.

30. Unique Bookmarks

Blank Customizable Bookmarks for Crafting

Bookmarks are both inexpensive and useful gifts. Glue two cardboard pieces together or buy blank customizable bookmarks for crafting and design them with family-themed quotes or photos.

31. Personalized Pens

Customizable Pens

Personalized pens are ideal for both kids and adults. You can find customizable pens online and choose to engrave the family name or quote that will remind them of you.

32. Engraved Flashlights

This gift is great for outdoor types of families. Whenever your family members go camping, they will be reminded of their family and the reunion when they turn on the personalized flashlight. You can purchase customizable mini flashlights on Etsy.

Family Reunion Keepsakes

Keepsakes can embody the joy you shared during the reunion and remind everyone of the family bond. Here are some ideas for family reunion keepsakes.

33. Family Story Cards

Now, this one asks for some creativity, but it’s a truly heartwarming gift. Take a deck of cards and on each one glue a piece of paper or thin cardboard on which you’ll write down one family story or anecdote. 

34. Poem scroll

Write an original poem about your family to capture the essence of your family bond. Then print it on luxurious paper, roll them up into little scrolls, and tie them off with a lovely ribbon.

35. Heirloom Seeds

Gift your family members with seeds for plants that they can grow in their backyard. If some of them live in apartment buildings, you can give them seeds of plants that can be grown in a pot. Some of the easiest plants to grow inside are Marigolds, Castor Beans, and Sage. This gift symbolizes growth and nurturing connections.

36. Mini Photo Album

Create mini photo albums for your family members compiling your favorite family photos. You can make this on your own with solid pieces of paper and yarn. There are a lot of DIY photo album ideas online. 

37. Glass Bottles with Quotes

Glass Bottles with Cork Stoppers for DIY

Go old-school with a mini glass bottle and a quote inspired by your family. You can either personalize this quote for each family member or include a general one that connects you all.

38. T-shirt Quilt

Transform family members’ old t-shirts into a quilt. You can make the quilt family reunion-themed by using your old t-shirts from previous gatherings. 

39. Customized Family Cookbook

Compile family recipes into a beautiful cookbook. If you’re a family of food lovers, what could be greater than that? This could be a culinary heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

40. Hanging Paper Photo Frame

Paper Frames for Wall Decor

Here’s an idea for a photography-inspired keepsake. Get hanging paper frames and fill them with polaroids from the reunion.

41. Customized Playing Cards

Personalize playing cards with family photos to add a twist to your game nights. You can get custom playing cards on Etsy.

42. Family Crest Flags

Solid White Blank Flag for DIY

You can make this one on your own for free. All you’ll need is white polyester fabric, wooden sticks, markers, and creativity. Come up with a family crest and make personalized family crest flags. To simplify the process, buy ready-made mini white flags and simply draw on the crest.

Family Reunion Gift Basket Ideas

An assortment of goodies can be a lovely gift. If you’d like to put together gift baskets, here are some options.

43. Homemade Jams and Preserves

Mini Glass Jars with Black Lids

Share the taste of tradition by gifting your family homemade jams. This is perfect for those who are already making jam or would like to give it a try. For packaging, you can get mini jars on Amazon and place two to three jars in each basket.

44. Scrapbook Kit

Vintage Scrapbooking Supplies Kit

Motivate your family to get creative by providing them with supplies for creating a shared family scrapbook. You can either do the scrapbooking during the reunion and put the scrapbook together as a joint activity or give them a gift basket with all the supplies. 

45. Picnic Set

19-Piece Picnic Basket for 2

If you and your family like to spend time outside, this could be the perfect gift. Give your family members a gift basket with a complete picnic set for outdoor gatherings.

46. Favorite Sweets 

Does your family have a sweet tooth? Fill a gift basket with all their favorite sweets from brownies and cookies to candy and chocolate.

47. Reunion Memorabilia Basket

Walk your family down memory lane by compiling various memorabilia that will remind them of your previous reunion and the time you all spent together. This could be your favorite candy that you always serve, balloons to remind them of the game you played, a jar of sand from the beach where you held one of the reunions, and so on. 

48. Spa Retreat

Create a spa-themed basket with a variety of spa-inspired goodies. You can throw in scented candles, bath salts, and soothing lotions.


Gift-giving at family reunions is a great way to express love, appreciation, and unity. These family reunion gift ideas include numerous choices, so there’ll be something that resonates with every family member. Whether you go with personalized keepsakes, theme-based favors, or lovely gift baskets, the sentiment behind each gesture is what truly matters.If you need some ideas for organizing your family reunion, be sure to check out this post. Do you want to play some games during the reunion? This list of game prizes for family reunions can be of great help.






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