Family reunion gifts under $5 -25+ Family Reunion Gifts Under $5

25+ Family Reunion Gifts Under $5

There’s no need to splurge to gift your family with lovely memorabilia of the time you’ve spent together. Simple and thoughtful gifts can warm up hearts without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for family reunions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up over 20 ideas for family reunion gifts under $5. 

1. Mini Photo Frames

Find small, inexpensive photo frames and insert a family photo. There are lots of frames on Amazon under $5. For added personalization, you can choose a simple frame and decorate it with writing, stickers, or quotes.

2. Herb or Flower Seed Packets

Encourage green thumbs within the family with packets of herb or flower seeds. You can pick a seed that symbolizes your family. Or, if you’re looking for minimum-maintenance seeds that you can grow indoors, go with non-light-requiring herbs such as basil, oregano, and mint. 

3. Homemade Bath Salts

Craft aromatic bath salts by using Epsom salts, essential oils, and dried flowers. You can find detailed video instructions online, and you can buy all the supplies in your local supermarket.

4. Mini Photo Albums

Pioneer Photo Album

Put together pocket-sized photo albums with photos from past reunions. Amazon can be your go-to source for cheap photo albums, but you can also make them on your own if you don’t mind some arts and crafts.

5. Family Bingo Cards

Create custom bingo cards featuring family-related words or memories. This is a fun gift that can also keep you engaged during the reunion. Design your own cards and print them out, or buy customizable bingo cards on Etsy for less than $5.

6. Hand-Painted Rocks

Here’s a nice little souvenir that will only ask for your time and your imagination. Hand-paint rocks you’ve found on the beach or in your backyard with uplifting messages or quirky family inside jokes. Family members can take them home as a unique keepsake.

7. Handwritten Poems or Quotes

If you’re good with words, this can be the ideal gift for you to give. Write a heartfelt or humorous poem on a nice piece of paper and wrap it in a scroll, tying it with a string of yarn. You don’t need much for this gift except inspiration.

8. Personalized Bookmarks

Magnetic Bookmarks

Do you have a lot of bookworms in your family? Use cardstock to make unique bookmarks for your family members. Adorn them with family members’ names, special dates, or quotes. Another option is to buy inexpensive magnetic bookmarks and decorate them for a personal touch.

9. Decorative Magnets

Here’s one more idea for small gifts for a family reunion—decorative magnets. For minimum expense, buy magnetic sheets, apply a photo of your choice, and cut them into desired shapes. 

10. Mini Succulents

Mini succulents are absolutely adorable, and they can be a great addition to every home. You can buy mini succulents in decorative pots and present them as a symbol of your family’s resilience and strong bond. 

11. Homemade Cookies in a Jar

If cooking is your forte, bake a batch of cookies and put them in a small jar for that homey family reunion gift. In case you don’t already have jars, buying them for a large family will go above $5, so the alternative is to use paper bags and write a heartwarming message on each one.

12. Handcrafted Family Bracelets

This is a family version of friendship bracelets. Make colorful bracelets as a symbol of unity. There are endless DIY bracelets ideas. You can get a kit under $5 and experiment on your own. 

13. DIY Tea Blends

A signature tea blend can be a standout gift, especially for tea lovers. Combine loose tea leaves, dried herbs, and spices to make unique blends for your family members. You can even match the blend to each family member’s personality and include a short explanation of why that tea blend reminds you of them.

14. Painted Mason Jars

Add a rustic touch to your family reunion with mason jars. Hand-paint mason jars and fill them with tiny treats like candy, dried flowers, or whatever resonates with your family. 

15. Origami Creation

Are you good with paper crafts? Then we suggest showcasing your origami skills. Find instructions online if you don’t have experience with it, and craft intricate origami figures that reflect the uniqueness of each family member. 

16. Personalized Mugs

Embellish mugs with your family name and your family will always be reminded of your time together while enjoying their favorite drink. There are mugs under $5 on Amazon, or you can look around in your local shops.

17. Puzzle Pieces Art

Here’s a gift that you can work on together. Print out blank jigsaw puzzle pieces and give each family member a puzzle piece to decorate. Then you can assemble them into meaningful artwork that represents your family.

18. Family Reunion Playlist

Create a playlist of songs that remind you of past reunions. You can share this playlist with your family, and whenever they play it, it will take them back to the times when you were together.

19. DIY Scented Candles

Buy plain, unscented candles and infuse them with aromatic essential oils. Place them in small, decorative containers and label them with the scent name or a heartfelt message for every family member.

20. Personalized Plant Markers

If your family loves gardening, consider gifting personalized plant markers. Use popsicle sticks or wooden spoons, paint them, and write the names of different plants or family members’ names to accompany their green creations.

21. Custom Coasters

Design and print personalized coasters featuring family photos or inside jokes. To make these sentimental coasters, you can buy self-adhesive cork sheets or cardboard paper and decorate them as you wish.

22. Custom Family Quote Prints

Print small cards or posters featuring a memorable family quote, phrase, or motto, and gift them to your family members. These can be framed or displayed as-is to add a touch of family love to any space.

23. Vintage Family Photo Postcards

Turn old family photos into vintage-style postcards. You can use a photo where you’re all together or make a collage of old photos. Simply print out the photos on semi-gloss paper stock or thicker paper. Write heartfelt messages on the back and send them to family members after the reunion as a surprise.

24. Family Recipe Spice Packets

Write down the instructions on how to cook your family’s favorite recipe and prepare individual spice packets with the essential spices from the recipe. To make it more personal, include a note explaining their significance in your family’s culinary traditions.

25. Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas is all about family, and this family reunion gift will contribute to the holiday spirit. Personalized Christmas ornaments can either be made from scratch (if you’re the crafty type) or you can order inexpensive customizable ornaments in bulk from Etsy.

26. Family Heirlooms

Combine decluttering and family reunion gift-giving by passing down the family heirloom. If you don’t mind parting with some cherished family items, go through your boxes of family treasures and pick out one item for each family member. 

27. Personalized Keychains

Keychains are always a handy gift, and now you can make sure that your family remembers you every time they arrive home. You can make them by yourself, as there are lots of DIY ideas, or you can purchase customizable keychains. 


It’s the thought and effort behind the gift that truly matters, not the investment. These affordable and thoughtful gift ideas will help you make your family reunion even more memorable while staying within your budget. If you’d like to keep the fun going throughout the reunion, make sure to check out our family reunion ideas as well as thrilling challenges like the Amazing Race games and Minute to Win It games, family reunion style.






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