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25+ Ideas for Family Reunion Game Prizes

Games are a surefire way to make your family reunions fun and memorable. And along with planning what games to prepare, also make sure you wake up the family’s competitive spirit by preparing prizes!

Here are 25+ family reunion game prizes that you can check out! The options range in price from really cheap prizes to pretty expensive.

Family Reunion Game Prizes for Kids

Needless to say, family reunions can get pretty boring for kids if you don’t plan anything for them. Preparing some fun games and prizes for them is a great way to bond with relatives and make them look forward to the next family gathering!

Coloring Set

Crayola 70-piece Coloring and Sketching Set

Having a complete coloring set is every kid’s dream. Look into getting the 70-piece Coloring and Sketching Set or the 100-piece Super Art Coloring Kit to really entice kids into playing and winning the games you prepared. You can also prepare smaller kits as consolation prizes like the 24-piece Happido Double-ended Markers. Who knows this could spark the interests of the next artist in the family!

Coloring Books

Another artsy prize you can get for kids are coloring books. From Disney princes and princesses, Mickey Mouse, superhero comics, dinosaurs, there’s a coloring book that’s sure to capture the kids’ attention enough to want to win them. 

Picture Books

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition

Picture books and illustrated novels are another great prize for kids, since they are still at a stage where they are more visual. Having the illustrated versions of the Harry Potter series, Lord of The Rings, Sherlock Holmes are a great way to develop the next reader in the family!


DC Batman Batmobile LEGO set

LEGO sets are a classic prize that’s sure to make everyone in your family reunion excited. For kids, get themed sets like Sonic The Hedgehog, Jurassic World, and the DC Batman Batmobile set.

DIY Trophies or Medals

Kids are pretty easy to impress and designing a personalized DIY trophy or medal would be enough to entice into being competitive.

Stuffed Animals

You can never go wrong with stuffed animals with kids. You can set a huge stuffed animal as the grand prize and go smaller for runner-ups and consolation prizes.  


Backpacks are also great prizes for kids as they can use this for school; a prize that can be used even after the reunion would be great remembrance for the occasion and make them look forward to the good times for the next family reunion. 

Other Family Reunion Prizes for Kids

Family Reunion Game Prizes for Teens

Games and prizes aren’t just for the kids; the teens deserve to enjoy the family reunion as much as anyone does! Make sure to prepare outdoor games to make them vie for the exciting prizes that await them! 

Action Figures

Marvel Titan Hero Series Action Figure Multipack

Tap into the interests of the teens in the family and prepare action figures of their favorite pop culture icons. Action figures of DC superheroes, Marvel, anime are sure to fire up the teens in the families.

Movie Posters

Teens are all about pop culture and another prize you can prepare is movie posters of their favorite movies. Another great prize along this is a scratch-off movie poster that’s like a movie bucket list of classic must-watch movies that they can scratch off when they have watched it already. 

Album from their Favorite Artists

Yet another prize feeding into the pop culture trend that teens are most likely into are albums of their favorite artists. From pop queens like Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande, to bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, to classics like Nirvana, and Queen. You can even get their soft spot  the most popular K-POP groups like BlackPink, BTS, to classic OG groups like Girl’s Generation, and  BIGBAN.

Album or Artist Posters

Now if they can’t win the albums, you can have the official posters of the album or artists as consolation prizes for the runners-up. 

Phone Accessories

iRAG A101 Wired Earbuds

Like most teens nowadays, they would be glued to their phone and they would care about their phone’s accessories. Phone cases, earphones, earpods, power banks, pop sockets, phone rings are just among great phone accessories to get as family reunion prizes for teens. 

Disposable Cameras

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable 35mm Camera

Disposable film cameras have been getting popular lately and the teens have jumped into the vintage hobby.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are also trendy nowadays and teens would be thrilled to see them as prizes in your family reunion. 

Other Family Reunion Prizes for Teens

Family Reunion Game Prizes for Adults

The adults would love an indoor game or two to join in the fun of the family gathering so set up prizes for them too. Here are some that will definitely get them participating in your family reunion games.

Funko pops

As Funko Pops’ tagline goes, “Everyone is a fan of something”. They’re one of the easiest collectible toy gifts you can get as family reunion game prizes for adults. 

House Decors

Dining room wall canvas latte wall art

Nothing excites adults more than house decorations as game prizes. Get a ceramic vase set, a wall mail organizer with key hooks, a dining room wall canvas latte wall art, a bonsai tree light room decor, and a 3D acrylic mirror wall sign to fire up the competitiveness of the adults in the family. 

Plate Set

Elama Luxmatte Contemporary Dinnerware Set

Another rather mundane house thing that will get adults excited is a plate set. From basic porcelain dinnerware to more stylish contemporary sets, the grown ups would surely love to get a chance to win these to add to their dinnerware collection.

Bluetooth Speakers

JBL Charge 4

Something to capture the adult’s competitive fire are bluetooth speakers as a grand prize for family reunion games. JBL has a lot of options like the budget ultra-portable JBL GO2 or the more premium JBL Charge 4

Gift Cards

The grown ups are sure to appreciate seeing gift cards like those from Amazon, Starbucks, and Apple to be among the prizes they could win at the family gathering.

Skin Care Set

Men and women alike would really benefit from a little pampering, and a skin care set would be an excellent prize to prepare for them.

Aromatherapy Set

From essential oil sets along with an oil diffuser, an aromatherapy set would be another prize for adults in the family. 

House Cleaning Products

Dyson Cyclone V10

This might initially sound like a gag prize, but adults will most likely be thrilled to see house cleaning products as prizes for family reunion games. From dusters, microfiber cloth bundles, the famed Pink Stuff, and the Scrub Daddy sponges will surely excite the grown-ups. If you want to fire up their competitive side, get a premium cleaning device like the Dyson Cyclone V10 or Dyson V7.

Other Family Reunion Prizes for Adults

Final Thoughts

Setting up games for the family reunion is a great way to bond and make your gathering much more memorable. Thinking about what prizes to give and making sure they will be appreciated can be quite a chore. We hope this list of family reunion prize ideas for every age group helps you plan your next family affair!






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