Family taking picture - 15+ Family Reunion Backdrop Ideas

15+ Family Reunion Backdrop Ideas

When it comes to organizing a memorable family reunion, setting the right tone and atmosphere is crucial. One way to instantly transform your event and add some color and life to it is by creating captivating backdrops. These backdrops can enhance the overall ambiance as well as serve as great photo opportunities. 

If you need some family reunion backdrop ideas, look no further. We’ve compiled a diverse list of themed and unique backdrops to spruce up your family reunion decor. 

1. Rustic Charm

Country Farmhouse Home Decor

If you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere of the countryside, you can go with a rustic backdrop. Use wooden crates, bales of hay, and vintage signs to create a cozy and nostalgic feel. Arrange hay bales in a seating area and position the wooden crates to display framed family photos or flower arrangements.

2. Tropical Paradise

Teleport your family to a tropical getaway with a backdrop decorated with palm leaves, vibrant flowers, and a faux beach. Don’t forget to set up a tiki bar for added flair. To create this backdrop, hang artificial palm leaves and flowers against a backdrop stand and sprinkle sand on the ground to create a beach-like setting. 

3. Vintage Family Memories

Evoke nostalgia by displaying old family photos and heirlooms on a vintage-inspired backdrop. Attach strings to the top of the backdrop to hang photos using clothespins, creating a timeline of cherished memories. You can also go with ready-made picture frames wall decor to skip the crafting part. 

4. Campfire Coziness

Set the scene for a cozy campfire gathering by arranging logs, lanterns, and plaid blankets around a faux fire pit. Place the logs in a circular pattern and ensure the blankets are easily accessible for comfortable seating. 

5. Cultural Collage

Celebrate your family’s diverse heritage by creating a backdrop showcasing various cultural elements, like traditional clothing, flags, and artifacts. Use a world map as the backdrop and attach items representing different cultures to the appropriate regions.

6. Fairytale Fantasy

Enchanted Fairytale Forest Backdrop

Create a whimsical backdrop by crafting oversized storybook pages. An enchanted forest backdrop fits the bill as well with enchanted forest decor pieces like mushroom paper lanterns, golden butterflies, mini lanterns, and more. Hang the storybook pages like a curtain and position fairy lights and tree branches to enhance the magical atmosphere.

7. Vintage Travel

If your family loves adventure, decorate a designated space with vintage suitcases, globes, and maps to evoke the spirit of exploration. Arrange suitcases and globes on a table in front of the backdrop, and add a magnifying glass for an added adventurous touch. For the backdrop, you can opt for a world map

8. Beach Vibes

Beach Photography Backdrops

Even if you’re not at the beach, you can bring the beach to your reunion with sand, surfboards, and colorful beach balls. Spread sand on the ground and lean surfboards against a beach backdrop. Scatter beach balls for a playful touch.

9. Sports Fanatics

Show your family’s sports enthusiasm by creating a backdrop featuring jerseys, sports equipment, and a makeshift mini-court or field. Hang jerseys on hooks or pegs along the backdrop and set up a small area with sports props for interactive fun. 

10. Carnival Fun

Capture the excitement of a carnival with a backdrop decorated with colorful banners, popcorn stands, and a DIY photo booth. You can buy photo booth props inspired by Carnival on Amazon. Hang banners horizontally across the backdrop and set up a popcorn machine to one side for that carnival feel.

11. Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Theme Party Backdrop

If you’d like to add a touch of glitz and glam to your reunion, roll out the red carpet with a Hollywood-themed backdrop, complete with gold accents, star-studded décor, and a makeshift walk of fame. You can DIY the backdrop by using gold foil curtains and creating “star” cutouts with family members’ names to place along the “walk of fame.”

12. Movie Night

This backdrop is ideal if you’ll be organizing a movie night for your family reunion. Arrange a cozy outdoor movie screening area with a backdrop that resembles a classic movie theater façade and a concession stand. Use red and white striped fabric for the backdrop and set up a small table with snacks and drinks on the side. You can even include vintage popcorn cups.

13. Space Adventure

Space Paper Lanterns

Inspire curiosity by decorating with space-themed backdrops. For the backdrop, you can paint or print a space scene on a large sheet. Then, add the decor in the shape of planets (you can make them on your own or buy planet lanterns), stars, and a DIY rocket ship. The rocket ship cutout can be perfect for family members to pose with.

14. DIY Chalkboard

This simplistic and modern backdrop allows everyone to add their own touch to the backdrop and create something unique. Set up a large chalkboard backdrop where family members can leave messages, draw pictures, or share their favorite memories. If you want to DIY the backdrop, paint a plywood panel with chalkboard paint and provide colorful chalk for family members to express their creativity.

15. Garden Party

Decorative Floral Fabric

Host an elegant garden soiree with a floral backdrop, draped fabric, and twinkling fairy lights. Hang floral fabric or curtains as the backdrop and add fairy lights intertwined with the fabric for a dreamy effect. For an extra touch, add a tea set on the side as decor.  

16. Under the Sea

Dive into the world under the sea with a backdrop featuring colorful sea creatures, beautiful coral reefs, and calming blue colors. Create this underwater scene by painting or printing the underwater scene on a big sheet, and then add real seashells and fun sea creature cutouts. To make it even more magical, you could hang up shiny fabric to mimic the sparkle of the ocean.

17. Game Night

Are games a must at your family reunion? Then a game night backdrop will be the ideal addition. Design a playful backdrop with giant versions of classic board games, like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Jenga. You can illustrate the symbols of your favorite games, like money for Monopoly, domino pieces, dice, and so on. Paint or print game boards on the backdrop and set up oversized game pieces like dominos, cards, inflatable dice, and more. You can even include a table with game prizes and trophies


Family reunion backdrops can add flair and personality to your gathering. So, gather your supplies, let your imagination run wild, and witness a plain space turn into a vibrant family extravaganza. For planning and organizing tips, be sure to check out our family reunion ideas. These range from game suggestions to snack ideas.






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