Adult with kid doing arts and crafts - 15+ Craft Ideas For Family Reunions

15+ Craft Ideas For Family Reunions

Do you want to include some entertaining activities in your family reunion gathering? Arts and crafts work for everyone, young and old! 

If you need inspiration for craft ideas for family reunions, you’ve come to the right place. Here are over 15 engaging DIY projects that your family will enjoy. 

1. Memory Jars

Set up a memory jar station where each family member can write down their favorite reunion moment. You can opt for one big storage jar, collect the memories together, and have a designated keeper. Or, you can assign individual jars for each member to ensure that memories are collected for all. These jars will become time capsules and capture the essence of your reunion. 

2. T-Shirt Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye Kit

Have a tie-dye station with plain white t-shirts, vibrant fabric dyes, rubber bands, and plastic gloves (or opt for a convenient tie-dye kit). Provide easy-to-follow instructions for various tie-dye techniques, such as spiral or bullseye patterns. Family members can choose their colors and create their favorite designs.

3. Photo Booth Fun

Create a designated photo booth area with a backdrop and a table of fun props like hats, glasses, and signs. The crafty part of this entertainment is that you can make your own props using heavy-weight cardstock in various colors, lollipop sticks, a glue gun, pencils, and scissors. Draw any shape that you want, cut it out, glue it to lollipop sticks, and strike a pose! For easy snapping, set up a camera or smartphone on a tripod

4. Family Tree Collage

Arrange a table with a large poster board or canvas, glue sticks, scissors, and markers. Invite family members to bring copies of old family photos and documents so you can put together a family tree collage. Provide tree-shaped templates (just find a simple black-and-white tree image and print it out for everyone) to glue these memories onto and start creating a visual representation of your family’s history.

5. Painted Rock Garden

Rocks can provide a blank canvas for expressing creativity, and they can also inspire a crafty family reunion activity. Lay out a collection of smooth rocks, acrylic paints, brushes, and water cups. Encourage family members to let their imagination run wild as they paint intricate designs, patterns, or even family symbols on the rocks. Once dry, these painted rocks can be arranged into a garden or flower pots (depending on their size) and serve as a lasting memory of the reunion.

6. Family Recipe Book

Why not make your own unique family recipe book and have fun along the way? Set up a table with blank recipe cards, pens, and a scrapbook. Every family member can write down their favorite recipes and include anecdotes or stories related to each dish. You can also provide colorful scrapbooking materials for decorating the recipe pages to make them more vibrant.

7. DIY Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are symbolic guardians of positive energy, and they can also represent the dreams shared within the family, so why not make your own? Set up a crafting station with hoops, colorful yarn, feathers, and beads. Print out step-by-step instructions for creating dreamcatchers, so that even those who aren’t that creative can join the activity. Family members can customize their designs with different colors and embellishments.

8. Customized Family Mugs

Who doesn’t love a personalized mug that reminds you of those whom you love? Create your one-of-a-kind mugs using just two things—plain white mugs and colorful porcelain paint pens. Decorate your mugs with names, symbols, or memorable quotes. Keep in mind that you need to let the paint dry for a few hours before baking the mugs to set the design permanently.

9. Family Handprint Tree

Here’s a beloved kids’ activity that can turn into a fun crafts activity for your reunion. Arrange a painting area with big paper, paint, and brushes. Family members can dip their hands in paint and press them onto paper to create a handprint tree. Add names to each print and you’ll have yourself an artistic family tree.

10. Personalized Photo Frames

Since you probably take a family reunion photo, why not craft a special frame to hold it? Give out plain wooden or cardboard frames, paint, markers, and stickers. Guide everyone to jazz up their frames with colors and designs that show off their own style.

11. Sand Art Creations

If you’d like to create out-of-the-ordinary decor pieces, here’s an idea. Prepare colored sand and small glass containers or bottles. Then, simply layer the sand in containers or bottles. To simplify the layering process, use small funnels or spoons. You can even decorate the containers afterward. 

12. DIY Family Pennant Flags

This DIY project asks for fabric pennant flags, fabric markers, and strings. The first step is to decorate the pennants with family names, messages, or drawings. For example, each family member can decorate one pennant. Once decorated, string the pennants onto a piece of twine or ribbon to create a personalized family bunting. This special flag can serve as a decorative piece for your next reunion.

13. Hand-Decorated Candles

Here’s a simple activity that even the youngest members can join in, and which leaves you with a lovely decorative piece. For hand-decorated candles, you need plain white candles, wax crayons, and watercolor paints. Use the crayons to draw designs on the candles, then use a paintbrush to add watercolors. Once the candles are dry, you’ll have new beautiful and unique decor pieces for your homes.

14. Family Collage Magnets

Magnets are perfect souvenirs, and you can craft them all by yourself. The list of supplies is brief—just grab small magnetic sheets, family photos, and decorative paper. Tell everyone to cut out photos, place them on magnetic sheets, and use decorative paper and adhesive to make special magnets that hold your memories.

15. Clay Keepsake Bowls

This is a chance to transform your family members into sculptors. Prepare air-dry clay and shaping tools for making clay keepsake bowls. You can all sculpt your own small bowls and imprint them with patterns or designs that hold personal meaning. Once the clay dries, these bowls can hold small treasures or serve as decorative pieces.

16. Wooden Spoon Puppets

If laughter is your family’s favorite thing to share, here’s a perfect activity. Craft wooden spoon puppets, but assign each member to create one that reflects another family member. All you need are wooden spoons, markers, yarn, fabric scraps, and glue to decorate the spoons and make these family-inspired puppets. Get ready for some chuckles as you see each other transformed into wooden spoon characters.

17. Leaf Print Art

This is the perfect activity for an autumn family reunion. Collect leaves of various shapes and sizes, and equip your family members with acrylic paint or ink pads and paper. Start creating unique artistic leaf prints by dipping the leaves into the paint or ink and pressing them onto the paper. These nature-inspired pieces of art can be lovely souvenirs. 


Simply being with family brings happiness and fulfillment, yet adding fun activities can make it even more enjoyable. Embrace the joy of crafting and work together to create mementos that’ll keep the reunion memories alive.If you need more ideas on how to organize the best family reunion, this list will surely come in handy. In case you plan to organize some games, check out these game prize ideas as well.






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