Family playing charades - 15+ Amazing Race Game Ideas for Family Reunion

15+ Amazing Race Game Ideas for Family Reunion

Gathering with family members for a reunion is a cherished tradition that brings generations together. To make your family reunion even more exciting and memorable, why not consider incorporating the thrill of the Amazing Race into your event? 

This unique and engaging activity can create lasting memories, inspire some friendly competition, and ensure that everyone has a blast. Today, we’ll share some Amazing Race game ideas that will take your family reunion to the next level.

1. Photo Scavenger Hunt

This game blends fun and creativity. Provide each team with a list of specific photos they need to capture during the race. These could include taking a selfie with a specific landmark, finding a hidden object, or posing creatively. It’s perfect for capturing the spirit of the reunion and making memories. 

What you’ll need for the game:

2. Photo Proof Challenge

Here’s another photography challenge with a different objective. Give each team a list of the same items to take pictures of. These can be everyday household items (like a microwave, a chair, a tree, etc.), or they can be unique items you place around the house or yard. The first team to return with photos on their phones of each item wins. 

What you’ll need for the game:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7+ Camera

3. Clue-Deciphering Challenge

If you like solving mysteries, this is the game for your family. Create cryptic clues that lead teams to different locations. At each location, they must decipher a new clue to progress. The clues can be riddles or objects that are familiar to you and that should remind the finder of the next location. This challenge makes everyone think and work together.

What you’ll need for the game:

  • Pieces of paper for the clues

4. Three-Legged Race

In this challenge, break up into groups of two. You will stand side by side and bind your and your partner’s legs together with some kind of rope or ribbon. The goal for you and your partner is to beat all of the other teams to the finish line. You and your partner must work together to find a way to walk as efficiently as possible to cross the finish line before the other pairs. To make this competition even more challenging, you could have the pairs hold a bucket of water and the pair with the most water at the finish line win bonus points. It helps if this challenge is outdoors so you have more room to create obstacles and to run around.

What you’ll need for the game:

  • Rope or ribbon
  • Buckets of water (optional)

5. Egg Spoon Race

For this game, you and your team will race to transport an egg on a spoon to one location and back without breaking the egg. This challenge will test your dexterity while you are going as fast as you can to take the egg to the specified location and back without damaging your egg.

After one person on your team completes the course, you’ll pass the egg gently to the next person, and this will continue until everyone finishes. Playing this game outside allows you to set up a bigger track with obstacles, but you can also play it inside and keep it fast and simple.

What you’ll need for the game:

  • Eggs
  • Spoons

6. Obstacle Course

Set up a series of fun and challenging obstacles that teams must complete together. You can get creative with these obstacles and construct whatever course comes to mind. You can even incorporate other styles of races to create a race within a race. Some examples of obstacles are a tire run, sack race, tunnel crawl, tug of war, ladder run, four-legged race, and so on. You can use traffic cones and flags to mark the area and the checkpoints.

What you’ll need for the game:

7. Trivial Pursuit

Test your family’s knowledge with a trivia game. To make it even more interesting, rather than asking general knowledge questions, come up with questions about your family. Teams can answer questions about family history, interesting facts, quirky anecdotes, and things everyone has done together. The more answers they get right, the more points they earn. If you don’t want to create your own questions, you can get trivia games on Amazon, such as I Should Have Known That, Riddle Me This, and Trivial Pursuit. Kids vs Adults is a fun option if you want to have a showdown between generations.

What you’ll need for the game:

Riddle Me This

8. Cooking Challenge

Add a culinary twist to the mix by having teams cook a specific dish at one of the checkpoints. Provide them with a recipe and ingredients, and see who can prepare the dish faster. It can be something easy like sandwiches, fruit kabobs (with assigned fruit order), jelly bean kabobs (with specific color order), fruit parfaits, banana splits, and so on. 

What you’ll need for the game:

  • Different ingredients for the dishes
  • Bowls and plates
  • Kabob sticks

9. Eating Challenge

For this challenge, teams are given certain ingredients to make a concoction for other teams to taste. The goal is to make a creation as repulsive as possible to make other teams back down from trying the food. You will compete in multiple rounds and earn points every time people back down from eating your food. Make sure that you establish limits for how much of each ingredient you can have in your concoction. This challenge can be done inside or outside, but if you do not want the horrible smells to linger inside your house, we recommend you do it outside.

What you’ll need for the game:

  • Different ingredients for the dishes (like mustard, whipped cream, tomato, banana, Oreos, cream cheese, strawberries, cooked eggs, chocolate, etc.)
  • Bowls and plates

10. Culinary Creativity Quest

While we’re on the topic of cooking, here’s another culinary challenge you can include. Teams must whip up a dish at designated checkpoints, but they need to use mystery ingredients. You can write down different ingredients on pieces of paper, fold the paper, and throw it into the bowl. Each team needs to pick out 4-5 ingredients and whip something up. This is the game where culinary creativity takes center stage.

What you’ll need for the game:

  • Paper
  • Different ingredients for the dishes
  • Bowls and plates

11. Blindfold Cereal Threading

Blindfold cereal threading is a fun challenge for teams of two. With a bowl of cereal loops and a length of thread, players work together to string the cereal loops using only their hands, all while blindfolded. One team member holds the thread while the other carefully threads the cereal. For an added twist inspired by The Amazing Race, teams can switch roles for a second round. It’s a tactile and laughter-filled activity that tests communication and coordination.

What you’ll need for the game:

12. Riddles and Challenges

Combine riddles and challenges to activate both the brain and the muscles. Craft a series of riddles that guide teams to different locations. At each stop, a unique relay challenge awaits. Think wheelbarrow races, jumping rope, and other familiar activities.

What you’ll need for the game:

Jumping Rope

  • Paper for writing down the riddles
  • Props for the challenges such as jumping rope

13. Puzzle Pursuit

If you’re a family of puzzle lovers, this game is perfect. Present teams with simple jigsaw puzzles that they need to solve before they move on to the next challenge. To step it up,  include a time limit and award points based on completion speed and accuracy. If you want to go all out, you can use puzzles that reveal the next destination, but these need to be tailor-made.

What you’ll need for the game:

Jigsaw Puzzles

14. Ultimate Charades

Put a twist on the classic game of charades by including it at one of the checkpoints. When teams reach the charades checkpoint, teams must perform charades related to famous family events or relatives. Another option is to use store-bought charades cards. 

What you’ll need for the game:

Charades Cards

15. Cultural Crossroads

Explore different cultures as a family through this fun challenge. At a designated stop, teams engage in activities representing various cultures, from traditional dances to language challenges. This can include pronouncing sentences in a different language, identifying flags, a 30-second sirtaki, salsa, or flamenco dance (you can play them the video of the dance first), trivia questions about different countries and their landmarks, and more.

What you’ll need for the game:

16. Candy Challenge

This activity demands coordination and a solid dose of breath power. Teams use drinking straws to lift candy pieces from one plate and transfer them to another. For an added twist, opt for lighter chocolate or fruit-flavored candies, or amp up the challenge with cinnamon or butterscotch disks. You can introduce a second-tier challenge where participants blow through their straws, moving candies along the table’s length. 

What you’ll need for the game:


Incorporating an Amazing Race game into your family reunion is a surefire way to create unforgettable memories and strengthen the bonds among family members. The exciting challenges, friendly competition, and shared laughter will make your reunion an event to remember for years to come. 

Remember, the key to a successful family reunion Amazing Race game is to tailor the game to suit your family’s dynamics. With careful planning and some creativity, your family reunion is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for generations. Need more ideas for games and prizes for family reunion games? We’ve got you covered with a list of over 50 family reunion games and prize suggestions to keep the family motivated.






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